Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 1: Week 1

I've been working at the Publications office for 3 weeks now and today was the first day of the actual internship. It was like any other day that I've worked these past weeks. Being that I'm already in the middle of several design jobs, I continued today with changing any requests made by the clients and emailed them proofs back. I am currently working on 4 jobs: ads, 2 posters, and one job involves making a cup, poster and t-shirt design.

I am learning already learning how frustrating clients can be, in particular I have one client for two different projects right now. Especially when they can't make up their mind and are very picky. Apposing to another client I'm working with is very easy to work with. This client knows exactly what he is wanting and instead of trying to explain what he wants through an email he comes in and talks firsthand over the design, this allows him to see different options on the screen and if he prefers this over that.

Another thing I am learning is to make changes as asked or as someone else may prefer, not necessarily what you like. Your best work is not consequently what they always want.

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