Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 7

I got back the approval on a poster today, so I was able to send it off for printing. I sent the pen file to the company for the client, so that has also been approved. I am also about to finish up the artwork for the intramural champion shirt. The client had changed the shirt colors therefore I had to go through and change all the artwork to the different colors. Her reply for the final approval will probably be in my inbox tomorrow, she's good with quick responses.

I've also been assigned a new job now for a brochure with a client I've worked with on two other projects. For this project so far I scanned in illustrations the client had made so I can scale them down and edit them for the brochure.

So currently I'm working/waiting to hear back on 6 jobs: 1) t-shirt, poster and cup, 2)poster and table tent, 3)ads-final approval, 4) another t-shirt-final approval and 5) the brochure and 6) pen-final approval.

I also had to log things into the log book, which keeps track of the jobs, whose working on it, quantity of order, and other important info for each particular job.

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