Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 11: Week 3

The client for the brochure came in again today, he also brought a better/ original photo to be rescanned for the brochure. He had a photography before as oppose to the printed illustrations, so this image looks a lot better in correlation with the other images. He is now wanting a hard copy proof and in the process of me printing it out I was able to see that I needed to fix an image. I will get this fixed tomorrow and put the brochure hard copy together.

I also put together a hard copy proof for the booklet I've been working on. I had also noticed in the print out on one of the pages that an image was more pixelated than what the screen was showing, so I went through and looked for a new and better photo. This looked much better in the hard copy and was able to get that to the client today.

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