Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 34: Internship Completed

I finished up the changes for the S.T.A.P.H. application and layout for brochure. I went ahead and did the basic designing and layout for the brochure so she could tell me what she wants changed, since I'll be gone next week and back for work the first week of August. I finally heard some feedback for the logo designs I've been coming up with! So I threw some together before I left this afternoon and we'll see what she thinks from there.

I also worked on the Truman today masthead some and had come up with another design and my boss seemed to like it when she saw it over my shoulder.

The internship is officially over. I need to finish up my paper and put together a work portfolio. A lot of things were still in progress but will be finished when I go back to just working. I left today with the 3 S.T.A.P.H. design proofs, recruitment poster,, library signs, and the SAB poster & table tent and Truman week jobs for final approval.

Internship done!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 33

I got another copy back for the S.T.A.P.H. application, this client is so picky she changes things that she didn't want me to change previously and always finds new things she wants changed. I'll send back another proof first thing in the morning probably.

I worked on the logo idea all day and sent a proof at the end of work, hopefully she'll like at least one! I also worked a little on the Truman today masthead because I needed a break from looking at red logos all day. And that's all today consisted of, Staph, Staph, Staph! One day left of the internship.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 32

The client for the Truman week just now talked to the printer for the cups and t-shirt and they discovered they won't be able to do 2 color for the cup, so I edited that design for 1 color and sent the proof and waiting to hear back to see if she wants the t-shirt and poster designs changed as well. I hope not because the 1 color takes away from the design.

The S.T.A.P.H. client sent over a copy of the application I had re-created and she finally had the changes she wanted on it so I had to go give her another updated copy. She still doesn't like any of the many logo options I've shown her. So my boss helped me out and give me some magazines to look through and I didn't even make it through one and had come up with more ideas just sketching tomorrow I'll probably take a design to the computer.

The electricity had went out in the morning sometime which caused the air conditioning to not work so we were allowed to go home and finish working. So I came home and worked on the S.T.A.P.H. brochure layout some. Being just on my laptop it's difficult to move things around as quick as the desktop at work. I got the basics done with the brochure, text, spacing, placing, etc.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 31

I heard back from the client for the intramural champion t-shirt, turns out she was trying to send the PDF files I had sent to her for final approval to the t-shirt vendor. Even if they want one change and say it'll be good, we still have to get their final approval on the change. So fortunately I got the files ready yesterday waiting for the approval. This job is done!

Now for the frustrating part of the day: I also found out about the client for the logo I'm trying to design emailed my boss saying she hadn't gotten anything about more options for a logo!! I don't understand why she didn't contact me. I had sent her more options the same day as I had the others but it was another email and she had never responded. So my boss forwarded it to me and I told my boss as well what had happened. In reply from this client after I had resent the second options to her she had said we did get that but still not what we're looking for. Here we go again, "not what we're looking for." I thought the previous client I had had was bad she was nice about everything this new client just seems impossible to make happy! And I still never heard back from her again this afternoon which she'll probably go running to my boss again, but she needs to learn how to communicate.

Moving on, outside of creating a logo for the new S.T.A.P.H. program next summer she's also wanting an application and a brochure to go with it. I was able to get the application recreated in InDesign from Word and the brochure should get together as the logo comes together.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 30: Week 7 (Final Week)

First thing this morning I finished up the little touches to the recruitment poster and sent a proof. I also edited the intramural champ t-shirt design to be ready to send to the printer for whenever the client approves.

I continued working on the Truman today masthead. I showed my boss a proof and we both agree, it's just that she was able to pin point it better than me that the font for "Truman" needs to be changed so I'm in the process of editing that.

I also heard back from the client for the informational booklet and got his approval. I got that ready for printing and sent. The outside for the book is coated and the inside is regular uncoated, so I called the printers to see how they wanted the document set up and I had to make 2 PDFs, one with the coated pages and the other for the uncoated.

Hopefully I can hear back to finish all my jobs that are out for approval so they'll be finished by Friday, which is very unlikely but I can hope right?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 29

Today was a fairly busy day. I heard back again about the Truman week design, they needed to add 4 more logos on all 3 designs. I arranged these and sent the proofs.

I worked with the older program Quark today. I had to update/replace images and I realized that when exporting them into PDFs that it also saved a .log format which was on the CD for the informational booklet that I thought I couldn't fix was on. Being that my computer at work doesn't have Quark the file type doesn't show up and I had tried it on the computer I was using for Quark and "wala!" it worked. So I was able to make the little changes and surprise the guy that I had never heard back from with a corrected file! I never did hear back from him this afternoon either but I'm sure he'll be glad.

I updated my computer at work with CS5 and continued working on the recruitment poster, it's coming along better. I printed it out and I think it actually looks better printed than on the screen with the colors and such, which is a good thing considering it is a poster that's going to be on campus.

The end of week 5 and next week is my last week for the internship. Going into this last week I have 8 jobs in progress/ waiting to hear something back on: 1) Truman week including 3 designs within it; 2) SAB poster, 2 designs with it; 3) info booklet; 4) S.T.A.P.H. logo; 5) t-shirt for intramural champion, includes 2; 6) library signs, consisting of 4 different designs; 7) recruitment poster; and 8) Truman today masthead. Whew!It's mainly waiting to hear back on things and I'm only working on 2 actual jobs that haven't been sent for proofing yet.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 28

I heard back on a poster from over a month ago for SAB. They liked it with just a few small changes with words and such. I have already sent another proof for this, hopefully for approval and then a table tent layout that I threw together pretty quickly but you would never know the difference.

I continued working on the recruitment poster. I'm not sure about it which is why I feel it's taking me a bit even though it's only been 2 days now since I've worked on it.

I got printed copies of the brochure I made. It's my first print that was final that I've seen! I also made another quick profile web banner as I had done before.