Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 4

I was able to get a job done and sent off for printing, the small poster/ flyer I've been working on. It's always nice when the client replies back 5 minutes after sending it to them. This allowed me to get the print order ready and off to printing within an hour of sending the first proof off.

I also continued with the T-shirt design. I had to go through available clip art that we have at the office and edit them to go into my design. The design is only a two color job, white and navy blue, so I'm accommodating the clip art to fit the clients needs.

I had another client schedule to come talk with me today about what they wanted in their poster design. They liked the proof I had sent to them but they wanted something new from previous designs, as in symbols relating to the event not just "decoration" so to speak. It was very quick and much simpler getting the chance to talk with them in person. They were able to describe what more they wanted a lot easier.

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