Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 34: Internship Completed

I finished up the changes for the S.T.A.P.H. application and layout for brochure. I went ahead and did the basic designing and layout for the brochure so she could tell me what she wants changed, since I'll be gone next week and back for work the first week of August. I finally heard some feedback for the logo designs I've been coming up with! So I threw some together before I left this afternoon and we'll see what she thinks from there.

I also worked on the Truman today masthead some and had come up with another design and my boss seemed to like it when she saw it over my shoulder.

The internship is officially over. I need to finish up my paper and put together a work portfolio. A lot of things were still in progress but will be finished when I go back to just working. I left today with the 3 S.T.A.P.H. design proofs, recruitment poster,, library signs, and the SAB poster & table tent and Truman week jobs for final approval.

Internship done!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 33

I got another copy back for the S.T.A.P.H. application, this client is so picky she changes things that she didn't want me to change previously and always finds new things she wants changed. I'll send back another proof first thing in the morning probably.

I worked on the logo idea all day and sent a proof at the end of work, hopefully she'll like at least one! I also worked a little on the Truman today masthead because I needed a break from looking at red logos all day. And that's all today consisted of, Staph, Staph, Staph! One day left of the internship.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 32

The client for the Truman week just now talked to the printer for the cups and t-shirt and they discovered they won't be able to do 2 color for the cup, so I edited that design for 1 color and sent the proof and waiting to hear back to see if she wants the t-shirt and poster designs changed as well. I hope not because the 1 color takes away from the design.

The S.T.A.P.H. client sent over a copy of the application I had re-created and she finally had the changes she wanted on it so I had to go give her another updated copy. She still doesn't like any of the many logo options I've shown her. So my boss helped me out and give me some magazines to look through and I didn't even make it through one and had come up with more ideas just sketching tomorrow I'll probably take a design to the computer.

The electricity had went out in the morning sometime which caused the air conditioning to not work so we were allowed to go home and finish working. So I came home and worked on the S.T.A.P.H. brochure layout some. Being just on my laptop it's difficult to move things around as quick as the desktop at work. I got the basics done with the brochure, text, spacing, placing, etc.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 31

I heard back from the client for the intramural champion t-shirt, turns out she was trying to send the PDF files I had sent to her for final approval to the t-shirt vendor. Even if they want one change and say it'll be good, we still have to get their final approval on the change. So fortunately I got the files ready yesterday waiting for the approval. This job is done!

Now for the frustrating part of the day: I also found out about the client for the logo I'm trying to design emailed my boss saying she hadn't gotten anything about more options for a logo!! I don't understand why she didn't contact me. I had sent her more options the same day as I had the others but it was another email and she had never responded. So my boss forwarded it to me and I told my boss as well what had happened. In reply from this client after I had resent the second options to her she had said we did get that but still not what we're looking for. Here we go again, "not what we're looking for." I thought the previous client I had had was bad she was nice about everything this new client just seems impossible to make happy! And I still never heard back from her again this afternoon which she'll probably go running to my boss again, but she needs to learn how to communicate.

Moving on, outside of creating a logo for the new S.T.A.P.H. program next summer she's also wanting an application and a brochure to go with it. I was able to get the application recreated in InDesign from Word and the brochure should get together as the logo comes together.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 30: Week 7 (Final Week)

First thing this morning I finished up the little touches to the recruitment poster and sent a proof. I also edited the intramural champ t-shirt design to be ready to send to the printer for whenever the client approves.

I continued working on the Truman today masthead. I showed my boss a proof and we both agree, it's just that she was able to pin point it better than me that the font for "Truman" needs to be changed so I'm in the process of editing that.

I also heard back from the client for the informational booklet and got his approval. I got that ready for printing and sent. The outside for the book is coated and the inside is regular uncoated, so I called the printers to see how they wanted the document set up and I had to make 2 PDFs, one with the coated pages and the other for the uncoated.

Hopefully I can hear back to finish all my jobs that are out for approval so they'll be finished by Friday, which is very unlikely but I can hope right?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 29

Today was a fairly busy day. I heard back again about the Truman week design, they needed to add 4 more logos on all 3 designs. I arranged these and sent the proofs.

I worked with the older program Quark today. I had to update/replace images and I realized that when exporting them into PDFs that it also saved a .log format which was on the CD for the informational booklet that I thought I couldn't fix was on. Being that my computer at work doesn't have Quark the file type doesn't show up and I had tried it on the computer I was using for Quark and "wala!" it worked. So I was able to make the little changes and surprise the guy that I had never heard back from with a corrected file! I never did hear back from him this afternoon either but I'm sure he'll be glad.

I updated my computer at work with CS5 and continued working on the recruitment poster, it's coming along better. I printed it out and I think it actually looks better printed than on the screen with the colors and such, which is a good thing considering it is a poster that's going to be on campus.

The end of week 5 and next week is my last week for the internship. Going into this last week I have 8 jobs in progress/ waiting to hear something back on: 1) Truman week including 3 designs within it; 2) SAB poster, 2 designs with it; 3) info booklet; 4) S.T.A.P.H. logo; 5) t-shirt for intramural champion, includes 2; 6) library signs, consisting of 4 different designs; 7) recruitment poster; and 8) Truman today masthead. Whew!It's mainly waiting to hear back on things and I'm only working on 2 actual jobs that haven't been sent for proofing yet.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 28

I heard back on a poster from over a month ago for SAB. They liked it with just a few small changes with words and such. I have already sent another proof for this, hopefully for approval and then a table tent layout that I threw together pretty quickly but you would never know the difference.

I continued working on the recruitment poster. I'm not sure about it which is why I feel it's taking me a bit even though it's only been 2 days now since I've worked on it.

I got printed copies of the brochure I made. It's my first print that was final that I've seen! I also made another quick profile web banner as I had done before.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 27

I heard back again on the Truman week designs, only changes are times and events of places and sent that proof off. The intramural champion t-shirt wanted to use a different logo so I replaced that and sent it off. I worked a little bit on the Truman today masthead and got going on the recruitment poster I was assigned yesterday.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 26

Today I continued working on the logo and the Truman today masthead. I sent the logo proof out and showed my boss the proof for the masthead. She likes the direction I'm headed in with just a few typographical changes.I had gotten a reply about the logo, it's a good thing my boss had previously warned me that this client is very hard to please, what my boss and I thought was a simple designed logo as asked, well the client didn't like any of them. Here it goes again for the picky 'unpleaseable' clients. Gr! So I had time to work on coming up with a new design and sent another proof. I was also assigned a new job, a recruitment poster but didn't get a chance to get started.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 25: Week 6

Today I worked on the Truman today masthead I figured out more of what my boss was wanting with this design so I pretty much started over.

I heard back once again on the Truman week design, I have her approval but she is waiting on her advisers approval. I also asked about the other poster that she is my client on and she said they were having a meeting and I should here back on that finally as well. I also finished printing and cutting out the pub images covers.

I was also assigned a new job, designing a logo for a summer program thing for health professionals. I just got started the last hour work today so it's a work in progress.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 24

She liked it! Even though there were only 2 changes she wanted which were very small adjustments to the poster and cup for the Truman week design. She was very quick with responding, I like quick hear backs because you can just get it all done at once and don't have to drag it out. I made the small changes and sent back the 2 proofs.

I continued working on the Truman today masthead, it's one of those small jobs that there's not entirely too much you can design and you look at it so long you have to take a break and when you get back it looks a lot better.

This week was definitely ended with a good note considering how the whole week was going, in and out of the office. I'm in the processing of printing out the pub image covers out, just here on the printer in the office, and cutting them out for the binders, I'll get it finished between jobs it's no rush. Two weeks left, I'm going to work 30 hour weeks so I'll have time to write a paper upon completing my internship.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 23

What a busy week! For the informational booklet we got to work yesterday will not print out any of the italics so there is a hold on this job. We tried and tried messing around with what little you can do in acrobat to a PDF file. So I contacted the client back to see if he knows what program was used to design the document.

I have finally been given the logo for a t-shirt(intramural champion) design I did about a month ago. They now want a design for the back of the shirt which is a quote so that took no time to do a simple layout to. I sent this proof off.

For the big job(Truman week) I had heard back from yesterday, I was able to send all 3 proofs back...t-shirt, cup, poster. I'm feeling like she's going to like this design and I hope so as well. I also worked some more on the Truman today masthead.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 22

The previous booklet I had made pdf disks for needed a different file. As the purple was turning blue from the pdf file and so they wanted the photoshop files. To do this I had to take the InDesign document and the eps files and compress it by "StuffIt" and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) it online to the print company.

I finally heard back from the client for one of the big projects(Truman week) I worked on at the beginning of summer. She was nice with the late response and I was able to understand her better with more of what she was wanting. So I'm using the design I had just messing around the colors now. I'm liking it better than the last proof for sure!

We finally found the CD file for the informational booklet that we previously couldn't find on any computer. The only file we were able to open was the pdf file; therefore, we were only able to edit the changes in Adobe Acrobat. We found the tool to do it, the touch up text tool, it's tricky to use but it works for small changes! I was able to send a proof and here back in time to be able to make more small adjustments and back for final approval. As soon as I hear back I'll send it off for printing.

The BMR (Business Mail Reply) card I was waiting on for the correct postage design came. I was able to edit it and the client responded immediately with the approval again. I had to call the printer (the printing press on campus) to see how they would want the document set up to be printed, they wanted 4 up for the front and back card. This job is completed.

I also heard back about one of the library signs again, just small changes requested and was able to send back a quick proof.

I learned quite a bit more today, I was kept busy with the many different jobs I was working on. Learning a lot of small things but make big differences; certain things with PANTONE colors and such, compound path vs. clipping mask, etc.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 21: Week 5

I had to make a few small changes to the web banners I updated. I also checked on the BMR card I worked on Friday. Everything is good except that postage side needs to be the new design instead of the old design that I had found and thought was correct. No big deal we're now waiting for the USPS to email us the new design and ready to go.

I heard back about one of the library signs. They didn't prefer the image I was using so I used a different and basically came up with a new design to go better with the new image and sent a proof off.

Also as mentioned previously about not being able to find the document when only one page needs to be changed, still hasn't been found. And I worked a little on the Truman today masthead redesign.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 20

I had the approval email for a missing persons' card I had recreated yesterday. I filled out the rest of the work order and was going to get that ready to go then the printer had told me that being that there were so many copies wanted (3000) she wanted negatives. So I made those, took me 2 times but I did all by myself! Of course my boss did help me make sure it was going to the printer correctly but that is all. And it turned out good...the second time was a charm. And got that ready to go to the printers.

I worked on a new design for the Truman Today, not really sure on what much I can do to help change it but I'll keep working on it. I also worked on the fun covers for the image volumes.

Half way done and I am definitely learning some tricks of the trade! Since it's 4th of July weekend no work Monday!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 19

I'm definitely learning a lot more about photoshop. I'm very happy about this things are getting so much easier for me! I've always messed around in photoshop but it's never until you have a certain thing assigned you have to do, you find more tricks. I had to update some web banners, to which is how I learned the tricks. I have already heard back on these as well, completed.

I'm going to wait to finish up my fourth design for the library. This way I know what they are wanting/like on the other signs and it'll help me to come up with a design.

My boss was gone today and tomorrow as well and so I had her get me more jobs knowing the web banners, above, wouldn't take long. She gave me a bunch of little things to fix or change, either way I had to recreate the designs. One was a business mail reply card, I was able to find one side of the card and redid the other. I've also already heard back from the client and it is ready to go; however, I think my boss was wanting to be able to look over it before I officially send it out for printing.

Another job was to recreate a missing persons' card. This took no time at all. And a third thing she had given me was to fix errors in an information booklet a student designer had done 2 years ago and we can't find the original file. Hopefully we can find it because it's only like 2 or 3 things to change on the last page of a 20 page booklet!

I didn't think I'd be able to get all these things completed, but it really took no time at all. So I started working on the publication images binder covers again.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 18

Today has been much busier compared to yesterday. I burned a PDF file onto 2 DVDs to give to the client for the booklet, so this job is completed. My boss was also wanting me to figure out how to get a letterhead PDF file into a word document. Converting the file only pixelated it and distorted the colors, so I ended up just making a jpeg file. I have also continued working on the last library sign. I'm stuck on coming up with a design on this particular sign, the client says they don't want just a plain "no food" but something "with a positive spin on it."

I got the brochure ready and out to printing. I had to first set up the file by page order onto a 11x17" paper (as each individual page is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"). From there I had to make negatives from the lino, which is a very complicating process. There's so many steps as to do it all correctly. It was my second time doing it but I feel I would have to do it several more times before I feel comfortable doing without any help. I have learned from this to always number your pages, I did not have them numbered for this job and I wish I would have, it makes checking things a lot easier and it will also help out the printers.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 17

The proof for the booklet came back today, they approved of it. I got the PDF file ready and now I have to make CDs for the client. I continued working on the library signs and got some feedback from them on one of the signs. I finished another and am still working on the fourth one. Not a very eventful day.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 16: Week 4

First thing when I got to work this morning I checked my email as usual and had an approval for a discount card I had made 2 weeks ago. So I got that ready and sent for printing. I had to set the file up for work and turn, for the printer. The card was a front and back but it'll be easier to make it work and turn as the final size is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2", so each will be half of letter size paper.

I continued working on the library signs. I now have 2 designs done, 1 that needs a little help and another needs a lot. I have sent the 2 completed designs for a proof and will continue to design the others.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 15

Finally week 3 is over, it went by very slow. Today was about as busy as yesterday. Did pretty much the same things. The proof for the booklet was on my desk when I got to work this morning. They wanted 4 photos replaced so I looked for a long time for images for those, then turns out they emailed my boss 3 of the photos so I cropped and replaced those and was able to get the hard copy made.

The client for the individual portraits came in to discuss the images, he basically wanted the images downsized. I got those all downsized and sent him the individual PDF files, as that's all he's wanting for this particular job.

I also spoke with printing services several times too. The same client for the brochure is getting estimates done. They were needing to know more about the color and paper size since the client doesn't fully know this. After I get all the final information I'll be able to send everything to the printer. I'll also need to make negatives to be able to give to the printer.

I worked on the library signs for a little bit also today. This week was only filled with booklets, brochures, and portraits. I'm up to 60 hours now and 5 more weeks to go.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 14

I worked on the library signs again today for a little bit, I also looked for images I could use on the signs. The client with the brochure decided he wanted 9 portraits of each of the illustrations I had scanned to put in the brochure. So I had to change the color of those and photoshop them so they would appear seamless when printed out. I've discovered that the dodge tool had become my "best friend" for this project. And sent this simple proof for approval. And I made another hard copy proof for the booklet I've redone.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 13

Starting off today I had to get a font downloaded from one computer to the other, I couldn't just put it on the server it would change to a file you couldn't open, I finally got it to work just by using my jump drive from one comp to the other.

I finally heard back from the client on the big project, only for one small change and resent that again.

I started working on the library signs I had mentioned yesterday. I'm to be making 4 signs, one of these is what I am taking over from a former employee so that particular sign shouldn't take much work.

The proof for the booklet was returned today with a few small changes. They wanted another photo in place of an older one, which I had to search for another image and made changes to fit the space.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 12

Today I fixed the image for the brochure and got the hard copy made and ready for the client to pick it up. For a previous client that I had made the flyer for was wanting the the flyer made into a 17x25" poster, just one only. We sent this to another printer still here on campus, so I had to get the file up on a server for the printer to get. And for the booklet I had given the hard copy out to yesterday, I made small-quick changes to as I had already let the client know that I was going to do. Still waiting on any changes the client may want though.

As of right now everything I've been working on is out for proofing. I did get assigned another job making signs for the library. And something to do between jobs is making covers for the volumes of image books we have here at the office. Something fun and open to work on!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 11: Week 3

The client for the brochure came in again today, he also brought a better/ original photo to be rescanned for the brochure. He had a photography before as oppose to the printed illustrations, so this image looks a lot better in correlation with the other images. He is now wanting a hard copy proof and in the process of me printing it out I was able to see that I needed to fix an image. I will get this fixed tomorrow and put the brochure hard copy together.

I also put together a hard copy proof for the booklet I've been working on. I had also noticed in the print out on one of the pages that an image was more pixelated than what the screen was showing, so I went through and looked for a new and better photo. This looked much better in the hard copy and was able to get that to the client today.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 10

I continued with the booklet and am very close to being done with it. I had to search for a new photo to use on one of the pages so that took most of the time.

I also met with the client about the brochure-booklet. He wanted just a few changes, so I made the changes and sent another proof. He mentioned today that he may want 8 1/2 X 11" printouts of the illustrations I had scanned in for the brochure.

Another week down.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 9

Starting off today I made corrections to a small job and sent the proof back and didn't here back from him all day. I only heard back from one client today and I am to meet with him tomorrow about the brochure-booklet I'm working on.

I also made DVDs from zip disks, even though I had troubles with a disk reading to my computer. I then was assigned another job. I'm fairly close to being down with it. It's another 12 page booklet(different from the brochure). I'm having to move everything that a student from another job on campus did in Photoshop and I'm redoing it in InDesign. I should be able to get a proof sent tomorrow if not Monday.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 8

I finished the pen design today and the t-shirt designs were approved. The t-shirt requires a logo that the client hasn't been given yet by the supporter so once they get that I'll have to place that within the design and call that design done.

I was able to get a first proof sent for the brochure I'm working on. I had to edit the images I scanned in yesterday with a duotone-monotone PANTONE color. The brochure is a total of 12 pages and is more like a small booklet at 5 1/2 x 8 1/2".

I got a quick new job assigned to me. We were unable to locate the original file so I had to recreate it and I also got that proof sent off.

Something else I'll be working on in the meantime between projects is saving zip disk files to a DVD so they will have two back ups. I'll probably start this tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 7

I got back the approval on a poster today, so I was able to send it off for printing. I sent the pen file to the company for the client, so that has also been approved. I am also about to finish up the artwork for the intramural champion shirt. The client had changed the shirt colors therefore I had to go through and change all the artwork to the different colors. Her reply for the final approval will probably be in my inbox tomorrow, she's good with quick responses.

I've also been assigned a new job now for a brochure with a client I've worked with on two other projects. For this project so far I scanned in illustrations the client had made so I can scale them down and edit them for the brochure.

So currently I'm working/waiting to hear back on 6 jobs: 1) t-shirt, poster and cup, 2)poster and table tent, 3)ads-final approval, 4) another t-shirt-final approval and 5) the brochure and 6) pen-final approval.

I also had to log things into the log book, which keeps track of the jobs, whose working on it, quantity of order, and other important info for each particular job.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 6: Week 2

Over the weekend I had 3 clients reply back. One client was only needing pdf's to go with jpeg's so I made that change and forwarded. For the other two I was able to make the desired changes and resend proofs. I also finished up my first proof of the pen I started at the end of last week and send that off.

For one of the clients to whom I've recently mentioned of being troubling. She has asked me to change something in my design, it's for her and I doubt she'll like, at least I hope she doesn't like it because it looks bad, but it is what she's asked for. Anything to make the client happy.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 5

I was able to send out proofs for two jobs today, a poster and the t-shirt design as has been previously mentioned. I also got another job assigned which is going to be on a small ink pen. It seems like it may be slightly difficult to be able to get the image size to fit onto the pen. The client only knows of one measurement that the pen company has given them so I shall see as I progress with this job.

One week down for my internship. I'm planning right now to only work 20 hour weeks for the full 8 week Summer classes, but it feels like it's not enough time to get things done. This week wasn't very busy so I shall see how the future goes...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 4

I was able to get a job done and sent off for printing, the small poster/ flyer I've been working on. It's always nice when the client replies back 5 minutes after sending it to them. This allowed me to get the print order ready and off to printing within an hour of sending the first proof off.

I also continued with the T-shirt design. I had to go through available clip art that we have at the office and edit them to go into my design. The design is only a two color job, white and navy blue, so I'm accommodating the clip art to fit the clients needs.

I had another client schedule to come talk with me today about what they wanted in their poster design. They liked the proof I had sent to them but they wanted something new from previous designs, as in symbols relating to the event not just "decoration" so to speak. It was very quick and much simpler getting the chance to talk with them in person. They were able to describe what more they wanted a lot easier.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 3

Today I continued with the small poster and was assigned another job that needs to be done next week. It is a t-shirt design for the Rec Center's intramural champions. I got about half way done with it already today.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 2

Today I continued working on poster and was able to send a proof to the client for their feedback. The poster design included things from past files so I had to search for them on other computers, as well as the server. I also went out and shot texture for the background image of the poster.
After sending off the proof, I was able to get another job assigned to me; it is a small poster for advertising a class on campus. I am also still waiting to hear back on my other jobs I have previously sent out before I can go any further with those.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 1: Week 1

I've been working at the Publications office for 3 weeks now and today was the first day of the actual internship. It was like any other day that I've worked these past weeks. Being that I'm already in the middle of several design jobs, I continued today with changing any requests made by the clients and emailed them proofs back. I am currently working on 4 jobs: ads, 2 posters, and one job involves making a cup, poster and t-shirt design.

I am learning already learning how frustrating clients can be, in particular I have one client for two different projects right now. Especially when they can't make up their mind and are very picky. Apposing to another client I'm working with is very easy to work with. This client knows exactly what he is wanting and instead of trying to explain what he wants through an email he comes in and talks firsthand over the design, this allows him to see different options on the screen and if he prefers this over that.

Another thing I am learning is to make changes as asked or as someone else may prefer, not necessarily what you like. Your best work is not consequently what they always want.