Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 12

Today I fixed the image for the brochure and got the hard copy made and ready for the client to pick it up. For a previous client that I had made the flyer for was wanting the the flyer made into a 17x25" poster, just one only. We sent this to another printer still here on campus, so I had to get the file up on a server for the printer to get. And for the booklet I had given the hard copy out to yesterday, I made small-quick changes to as I had already let the client know that I was going to do. Still waiting on any changes the client may want though.

As of right now everything I've been working on is out for proofing. I did get assigned another job making signs for the library. And something to do between jobs is making covers for the volumes of image books we have here at the office. Something fun and open to work on!

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