Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 32

The client for the Truman week just now talked to the printer for the cups and t-shirt and they discovered they won't be able to do 2 color for the cup, so I edited that design for 1 color and sent the proof and waiting to hear back to see if she wants the t-shirt and poster designs changed as well. I hope not because the 1 color takes away from the design.

The S.T.A.P.H. client sent over a copy of the application I had re-created and she finally had the changes she wanted on it so I had to go give her another updated copy. She still doesn't like any of the many logo options I've shown her. So my boss helped me out and give me some magazines to look through and I didn't even make it through one and had come up with more ideas just sketching tomorrow I'll probably take a design to the computer.

The electricity had went out in the morning sometime which caused the air conditioning to not work so we were allowed to go home and finish working. So I came home and worked on the S.T.A.P.H. brochure layout some. Being just on my laptop it's difficult to move things around as quick as the desktop at work. I got the basics done with the brochure, text, spacing, placing, etc.

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