Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 31

I heard back from the client for the intramural champion t-shirt, turns out she was trying to send the PDF files I had sent to her for final approval to the t-shirt vendor. Even if they want one change and say it'll be good, we still have to get their final approval on the change. So fortunately I got the files ready yesterday waiting for the approval. This job is done!

Now for the frustrating part of the day: I also found out about the client for the logo I'm trying to design emailed my boss saying she hadn't gotten anything about more options for a logo!! I don't understand why she didn't contact me. I had sent her more options the same day as I had the others but it was another email and she had never responded. So my boss forwarded it to me and I told my boss as well what had happened. In reply from this client after I had resent the second options to her she had said we did get that but still not what we're looking for. Here we go again, "not what we're looking for." I thought the previous client I had had was bad she was nice about everything this new client just seems impossible to make happy! And I still never heard back from her again this afternoon which she'll probably go running to my boss again, but she needs to learn how to communicate.

Moving on, outside of creating a logo for the new S.T.A.P.H. program next summer she's also wanting an application and a brochure to go with it. I was able to get the application recreated in InDesign from Word and the brochure should get together as the logo comes together.

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