Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 22

The previous booklet I had made pdf disks for needed a different file. As the purple was turning blue from the pdf file and so they wanted the photoshop files. To do this I had to take the InDesign document and the eps files and compress it by "StuffIt" and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) it online to the print company.

I finally heard back from the client for one of the big projects(Truman week) I worked on at the beginning of summer. She was nice with the late response and I was able to understand her better with more of what she was wanting. So I'm using the design I had just messing around the colors now. I'm liking it better than the last proof for sure!

We finally found the CD file for the informational booklet that we previously couldn't find on any computer. The only file we were able to open was the pdf file; therefore, we were only able to edit the changes in Adobe Acrobat. We found the tool to do it, the touch up text tool, it's tricky to use but it works for small changes! I was able to send a proof and here back in time to be able to make more small adjustments and back for final approval. As soon as I hear back I'll send it off for printing.

The BMR (Business Mail Reply) card I was waiting on for the correct postage design came. I was able to edit it and the client responded immediately with the approval again. I had to call the printer (the printing press on campus) to see how they would want the document set up to be printed, they wanted 4 up for the front and back card. This job is completed.

I also heard back about one of the library signs again, just small changes requested and was able to send back a quick proof.

I learned quite a bit more today, I was kept busy with the many different jobs I was working on. Learning a lot of small things but make big differences; certain things with PANTONE colors and such, compound path vs. clipping mask, etc.

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