Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 23

What a busy week! For the informational booklet we got to work yesterday will not print out any of the italics so there is a hold on this job. We tried and tried messing around with what little you can do in acrobat to a PDF file. So I contacted the client back to see if he knows what program was used to design the document.

I have finally been given the logo for a t-shirt(intramural champion) design I did about a month ago. They now want a design for the back of the shirt which is a quote so that took no time to do a simple layout to. I sent this proof off.

For the big job(Truman week) I had heard back from yesterday, I was able to send all 3 proofs back...t-shirt, cup, poster. I'm feeling like she's going to like this design and I hope so as well. I also worked some more on the Truman today masthead.

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