Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 29

Today was a fairly busy day. I heard back again about the Truman week design, they needed to add 4 more logos on all 3 designs. I arranged these and sent the proofs.

I worked with the older program Quark today. I had to update/replace images and I realized that when exporting them into PDFs that it also saved a .log format which was on the CD for the informational booklet that I thought I couldn't fix was on. Being that my computer at work doesn't have Quark the file type doesn't show up and I had tried it on the computer I was using for Quark and "wala!" it worked. So I was able to make the little changes and surprise the guy that I had never heard back from with a corrected file! I never did hear back from him this afternoon either but I'm sure he'll be glad.

I updated my computer at work with CS5 and continued working on the recruitment poster, it's coming along better. I printed it out and I think it actually looks better printed than on the screen with the colors and such, which is a good thing considering it is a poster that's going to be on campus.

The end of week 5 and next week is my last week for the internship. Going into this last week I have 8 jobs in progress/ waiting to hear something back on: 1) Truman week including 3 designs within it; 2) SAB poster, 2 designs with it; 3) info booklet; 4) S.T.A.P.H. logo; 5) t-shirt for intramural champion, includes 2; 6) library signs, consisting of 4 different designs; 7) recruitment poster; and 8) Truman today masthead. Whew!It's mainly waiting to hear back on things and I'm only working on 2 actual jobs that haven't been sent for proofing yet.

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