Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 19

I'm definitely learning a lot more about photoshop. I'm very happy about this things are getting so much easier for me! I've always messed around in photoshop but it's never until you have a certain thing assigned you have to do, you find more tricks. I had to update some web banners, to which is how I learned the tricks. I have already heard back on these as well, completed.

I'm going to wait to finish up my fourth design for the library. This way I know what they are wanting/like on the other signs and it'll help me to come up with a design.

My boss was gone today and tomorrow as well and so I had her get me more jobs knowing the web banners, above, wouldn't take long. She gave me a bunch of little things to fix or change, either way I had to recreate the designs. One was a business mail reply card, I was able to find one side of the card and redid the other. I've also already heard back from the client and it is ready to go; however, I think my boss was wanting to be able to look over it before I officially send it out for printing.

Another job was to recreate a missing persons' card. This took no time at all. And a third thing she had given me was to fix errors in an information booklet a student designer had done 2 years ago and we can't find the original file. Hopefully we can find it because it's only like 2 or 3 things to change on the last page of a 20 page booklet!

I didn't think I'd be able to get all these things completed, but it really took no time at all. So I started working on the publication images binder covers again.

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