Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 24

She liked it! Even though there were only 2 changes she wanted which were very small adjustments to the poster and cup for the Truman week design. She was very quick with responding, I like quick hear backs because you can just get it all done at once and don't have to drag it out. I made the small changes and sent back the 2 proofs.

I continued working on the Truman today masthead, it's one of those small jobs that there's not entirely too much you can design and you look at it so long you have to take a break and when you get back it looks a lot better.

This week was definitely ended with a good note considering how the whole week was going, in and out of the office. I'm in the processing of printing out the pub image covers out, just here on the printer in the office, and cutting them out for the binders, I'll get it finished between jobs it's no rush. Two weeks left, I'm going to work 30 hour weeks so I'll have time to write a paper upon completing my internship.

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