Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 20

I had the approval email for a missing persons' card I had recreated yesterday. I filled out the rest of the work order and was going to get that ready to go then the printer had told me that being that there were so many copies wanted (3000) she wanted negatives. So I made those, took me 2 times but I did all by myself! Of course my boss did help me make sure it was going to the printer correctly but that is all. And it turned out good...the second time was a charm. And got that ready to go to the printers.

I worked on a new design for the Truman Today, not really sure on what much I can do to help change it but I'll keep working on it. I also worked on the fun covers for the image volumes.

Half way done and I am definitely learning some tricks of the trade! Since it's 4th of July weekend no work Monday!

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