Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 30: Week 7 (Final Week)

First thing this morning I finished up the little touches to the recruitment poster and sent a proof. I also edited the intramural champ t-shirt design to be ready to send to the printer for whenever the client approves.

I continued working on the Truman today masthead. I showed my boss a proof and we both agree, it's just that she was able to pin point it better than me that the font for "Truman" needs to be changed so I'm in the process of editing that.

I also heard back from the client for the informational booklet and got his approval. I got that ready for printing and sent. The outside for the book is coated and the inside is regular uncoated, so I called the printers to see how they wanted the document set up and I had to make 2 PDFs, one with the coated pages and the other for the uncoated.

Hopefully I can hear back to finish all my jobs that are out for approval so they'll be finished by Friday, which is very unlikely but I can hope right?

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